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Railmap Italy
Edition 2015
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Railmap Europe
Edition 2013
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Rail Travel Map Germany
Edition 2014
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Railway Maps

Our rail maps feature well-balanced content, clear cartographical detail and an attractive layout. Illustrations are used to explain technical aspects as well as other useful information. The graphics have been carefully designed so the maps are easy to read, while showing the railway world to its best advantage. The maps will delight all railway enthusiasts whether it be in a professional capacity, as a leisure pursuit or as rail travellers. And, of course, everyone who loves maps.


Scale 1: 1 300 000, Size 747 mm x 1134 mm
Attractive and carefully designed graphics
First-class cartographer's paper
High quality printing
Handy size
English, Italian, German
With sturdy map cover


All rail tracks classified according to gauge and electrification
High-speed lines
European timetable numeration for railways, busses and ferries (European Rail Timetable)
National timetable numbers
Scenic lines
Important bus connections and ferry lines
Projected lines
Railway museums
Beautiful handmade Relief as map background

ISBN: 978-3-9524458-0-8
Price: EUR 19.90
Poster on request


Scale 1: 5 000 000, Size 1348 mm x 908 mm
ISBN: 978-3-259-00120-2
Price: EUR 12.95


Scale 1: 800 000, Size 756 mm x 996 mm
ISBN: 978-3-259-00123-3
Price: EUR 12.95

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